Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Cracking Windows Passwords in Ubuntu using ophcrack

I really can't believe what happened :S :S :S, I just downloaded a software called" ophcrack" within my Ubuntu installation, and it could - in less than a minute - find out the password I use for my administrator account on my Windows XP installation on the same machine!!!!
I'm totally paralyzed :S :S :S

To install this software, type "sudo apt-get install ophcrack" and then download the necessary tables to be order to crack the password from SourceForge, load the tables (There are many other tables than the one I'm using, there are even some commercial ones) & have fun :)))) (Don't forget to read the manual, it's very useful)


Shady Mostafa said...

Ahmad, probably you're not using a complex password.. & just for the record, I heard long ago (sorry I can't cite my coming sentence) that even MD5 can now be decrypted in reasonable time if the plain text is not "complicated" enough =)

Ahmad Amr said...

mmm, maybe you're right, and maybe you're wrong. Anyway, I'll try a much stronger password and see what happens and will keep you updated...