Sunday, May 18, 2008

Combining the e-mail client and web-based mail access features (gnubiff Mail Notifier)

This is a very nice tool that let me at last combine the e-mail client advantages (like Evolution or Thunderbird) with the browser-based e-mail access (such as that of Gmail).

It's an applet that can be put on any of my panels and is simply configured to check my e-mail every certain period of time and notifies me by a pop-up (that contains brief information about the new e-mail), by text change (counter for example) or by image change whenever a new mail arrives.

Also, gnubiff is VERY customizable, that's how I configured it for my convenience:
  1. When the icon is double left-clicked, it opens Firefox and automatically redirect to my e-mail web address (
  2. See how the text is customizable and the applet is very user friendly:
and as I always say: Enjoy :)!

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