Saturday, December 6, 2008

How to Switch Page Direction in Firefox 3

In Ubuntu 8.10 after installing Firefox 3, I received an e-mail that contained a mix of Arabic and English words and since the default text direction is left-to-right, it was very difficult to read and I couldn't find the context menu option "Switch Page Direction"! I then did some googling and I found out how:

1) in the URL, type "about:config"
2) In the "Filter:" text box, type "bidi.browser.ui"
3) The "bidi.browser.ui" entry was set to "false" in the "value" column. Change it to "True"
4) Restart Firefox
5) Right-click and you'll find it there :)
6) Enjoy!


Arman said...

Thanks! I was googling too,and I found your post.It was he best result by the way.It really cheered me up pal!

Bacon Dave said...

thanks for the post. A few people on the Ubuntu forums think the page switch option is useless, but there are a few pages on the internets that look much better when you switch the direction. Oh, and for the leftys too