Sunday, August 16, 2009

How to search for a string inside multiple text files

find starting_folder -name "*" | grep -i file_name | xargs grep -i search_string

for example:

"find . -name "*" | grep -i hobba | xargs grep -i tito"

searches for the string "tito" inside all files whose name contains the word "hobba" inside the current folder.

Note that the "-i" parameter for the "grep" command makes the search case insensitive.


Mohammed Hewedy said...
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Mohammed Hewedy said...

Great usage of the command line.

We also can achieve the same result using the following command :

grep -iR tito *hobba*

But if we want to search files contains hobba that may be HoBBa or HobbA (i.e search files itself case sensitivity ), we should use your command. with -iname instead of -name

Thanks for your sharing of valuable information.