Wednesday, December 30, 2009

How I removed an annoying nautilus context menu item


After installing the new version of Lotus Notes, it added a stupid item to my nautilus context menu labeled "Send to Lotus Notes", this item crashes nautilus whenever it's clicked!! and it was bothering me a LOT! I googled and googled and googled and found nothing at all! Here is the bug description "" and here is what I did to remove that item:
  1. Killed nautilus "killall nautilus"
  2. In a terminal, I started nautilus again, just type "nautilus"
  3. I reproduced the issue by clicking that item to crash nautilus
  4. An error message appeared stating that "nautilus: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/nautilus/extensions-2.0/ undefined symbol: gnome_vfs_uri_new"
  5. I just went to the folder "/usr/lib/nautilus/extensions-2.0" and renamed the "" file to another name
  6. Restarted nautilus and it's gone!

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