Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Install Moblin 2.1 in Virtualbox

I faced a problem while trying to test the new release of Moblin (2.1) which is an OS primarily designed for netbooks. When trying to boot from the live image, I get an error message stating that the kernel is not supported and that I must have something called "pae" enabled, I googled around and found what "pae" is, it's a feature in the processor and is an abbreviation for "Physical Address Extension" and here is a brief description (not quite good though), anyway here are the steps I used to get this .img file running in my virtualbox:
  1. Download the .img file from the website
  2. Rename it to .iso
  3. Assign it in the storage (as a virtual ISO CD)
  4. Open the options for the virtual machine you've just created
  5. Click system -> Processor -> Enable PAE.
Now you can run it and continue with the live image or installation.

Enjoy :)!

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