Sunday, April 11, 2010

Some useful Google Chrome extensions that I use - Part 2

  1. SmoothScroll: As the name indicates, it allows smooth scrolling of the web page, makes chrome more elegant :)
  2. MiddleButtonScroll: A feature that I really wanted and couldn't find at first on Chrome is the ability to click the middle mouse button and smoothly scroll upwards or downwards by just moving the mouse, this extension does exactly this!
  3. Stop Autoplay for YouTube: As the name indicates, whenever you open a youtube video, especially when opening many videos simultaneously in multiple tabs, it stops the video from auto-playing and guess what, it pre-buffers as well :), i.e. it starts loading the video as if you clicked the pause button.
  4. Webpage Screenshot: As the name indicates, it allows you to take screenshots of the webpages you browse, it can also add large pages - that require scrolling - in one screenshot.

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