Tuesday, January 20, 2009

StarDict, The Free Dictionary

I was searching for a good dictionary in my Ubuntu box, and after some googling, I found StarDict; first impression is nice, especially that there are many downloadable dictionaries availabe (especially the English-Arabic and Arabic-English ones I need) and provides full-text translation by connecting to the available translators from Google, Yahoo...etc. One of the BEST features is that you can just select ANY text on your desktop, and it will automatically pop-up the translation as in the screenshot below.

To install in Ubuntu, do the following:
  1. "sudo apt-get install stardict"
  2. Download the dictionaries you want from "http://stardict.sourceforge.net/Dictionaries.php" or from "http://www.ojuba.org/sharedfiles/قواميس" (This one is a third-party site), extract anywhere and run "sudo ./install.sh" as you must be root to do it.

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